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Have you renovated your home or office recently? Did you know that carpets, furnishings and artwork can be damaged or fade away easily when sunlight passes through your untreated windows? Preserve your furnishings with our solar control and UV protection window films.

Based in Boston, Vision Plus offers a wide range of high-quality window films to protect your building from solar heat gain, solar glare or harmful UV light.

Conservatory roofs

By installing solar control films or solar inserts for your conservatory, Vision Plus can take care of any excess heat issues you may be facing.


UV Dermoguard and fade reduction films

UV light is harmful for both people and materials in your building. Vision Plus offers UV reduction film (available clear and tinted) which can reduce the amount of UV radiation coming through your windows by 99%, protecting people and your valued possessions. Get in touch with us for more details and free estimates.

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Solar heat control films

Don’t let high temperatures suffocate you at work or home. Take advantage of our solar reflective window film that can reject up to 80% of the sun’s radiated heat. You don’t have to spend on expensive air conditioning from now on.


Anti-glare films

Sun glare can cause serious distraction to viewers. Whether its computer screens, plasma screens, display boards or white boards used in schools, glare from the sun can be annoying. Use our anti-glare films on your windows to reduce the glare by up to 95%. This could also help your company comply with display screen regulations arising from directive 89/654/EEC.

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