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Did you know that it is a legal requirement to mark large uninterrupted areas of glazing appropriately to make sure people don't try to walk through them? This marking is called a manifestation and can come in different shapes like dots, squares, bands or any other image or logo. Based in Boston, Vision Plus offers a wide range of manifestations at affordable prices.

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• Wide range of window graphics

• Computer cut designs

• Colour printing

• Customised corporate branding

• Safety films

• Vehicle tinting

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Don't incur huge expenses hiring an interior designer to decorate your building when you can do it yourself simply by changing your windows. Take advantage of the wide range of bespoke and visually appealing window graphics offered by Vision Plus.

Our services include

Window graphics

Whether you're offering great discounts or promotional offers, let your windows speak for you. Tempt people to visit your business with our customised manifestations. Based in Boston, we can also help you with vehicle tinting and other related services across the UK. Take a look at our gallery or simply contact us for more details.

Attract customers with good looking window graphics